Owning a vintage motorcycle is a way of life. Many owners of older bikes will tell you about the unmistakable feeling they get when they are on their machines. From the raw rumble of a Dunstall muffler to unmistakable aroma of a carburetor vaporizing gasoline, we experience the fullness of each turn of the throttle. What is more, roadside fixes require little more than a roll of bailing wire and some duct tape (or a small basic tool kit).

But we own and ride vintage machines because they are an extension of our true selves: elegantly simple in all the right ways and yet more complex and nuanced than anyone might think at first glance. We, ourselves and our bikes, can only be understood through years of intentional relationship. It’s at this point that our passions and hobbies and frustrations and joys coalesce into the kind of life we intend to live.