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This is an online bulletin board for customers wishing to advertise and sell their motorcycles. Please call the shop (303-997-5024) if you are interested in any of these sales and we will provide you with the corresponding contact information for the owners. You can also contact us about listing your bike on this board. Thank you!

1967 Triumph Bonneville T120: $8500 – Contact us for Seller’s info 

This restored Bonneville was completely rebuilt in 2014 and only has 214 miles on the new engine. In that time span it was used as a display on account of its truly classic character and genuine styling. This is the motorcycle that helped to define motorcycles.

Rebuilt from the inside out, this ’67 Bonnie has fresh rods, pistons, and all new head components. The rear and front sections were gone through extensively and it was fitted with rust free fenders, headers, mufflers and the like. It has new shocks and brake shoes as well as air filter housings.

The instruments are newly rebuilt and they reflect the actual mileage since the bike’s rebuild. The electronic system was upgraded with a Tympanium, eliminating the need to run the old Lucas regulator and diode. It also received new coils and all new cables.

Give us a call or email for more details. The bike comes with all the service records from the rebuild and you’ll see that the owner put over $12k into the rebuild, not including the original purchase price of the bike.





1968 BSA 441VS (Victor Special): SOLD

BSA side view

This gem of a big single-cylinder motor has been well kept for the past 21 years. In that time it has enjoyed 3 different owners who’ve each managed to bring out its luster. In 1999 the bike was taken down to the frame and powder coated. The wheels were completely rebuilt, wire harness replaced along with the fuel and oil lines, and the clutch was rebuilt. 

Then in 2014 the bike was sold from its original collector to a British Bike enthusiast, where it largely sat idle with only the occasional ride. Vintage Twins worked on it a few times during the ensuing years to bring it to solid running condition by relacing intake valves and guides and updating the exhaust system. Late in this owner’s possession, we also added a Vape electronic ignition system. 

The current owner purchased this bike in 2018. At the time a new Wassell carb was installed with a fresh air cleaner, the fuel lines and filters replaced, new plug and wire, and the valves were adjusted for a proper tune-up. This owner had us install the solo seat and the original 2up seat, which is in good shape, will be sold with the bike in the event you’d like to take it back to a more stock setup. 

This past month the Victor Special was taken out of it’s garaged winter storage and all fluids were changed, the jets were thoroughly cleaned, and a new kick return spring was installed. The bike fired up on the first kick!

Come take check out this bike for yourself. It is a great one to ride and a beautiful bike to gawk at either in your garage or out in front of the pub. 

Call for pricing and owner’s contact information.